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Using Your Own Photos in Blog Posts

Using beautiful, interesting, photos in your blog post can attract the eye of a reader, break up large expanses of text, help to tell a story, or convey information. It is an important tool when crafting fabulous posts. Using your own photos not only gives a unique and personal touch to your posts, you can[Read More]


Logo and Blog Design – Under The Reading Tree

A simple, easy to use blog and website for a very new blogger at Under The Reading Tree. I loved working with the colours for this lovely hand drawn logo, and setting up an easy to use wordpress blog site for Tracey who is an absolute whizz at helping struggling readers succeed. The blog uses[Read More]


Logo and Blog Design – Childhood101

I designed the trike logo for Childhood101 many, many years ago. Over the years the text of the logo has been tweaked and changed a little, but the trike remains the same. The strong colour choices and the simple image provides strong, clear branding for Christie’s blog which has gone from strength to strength over[Read More]


Photo Resources for Bloggers

I always think it is best to take your own photos when you can, that way the images you are using are unique to your blog and you can use and manipulate them however you like without worrying about credit or copyright. But sometimes it’s not possible to take your own photos and we all[Read More]