Hi, I’m Kate… from the internet.

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So, I had this wonderfully flowery, ‘how can I help you achieve your goals’ type stuff written for this about page, because that’s what all the other blogs about blogging have on their about pages…

But to be honest, I’m just here because I like to talk about blogging.

I like blogging, I like blogging a lot.

I like reading blogs and I like writing for and managing my own blog

I like designing blogs and thinking about how to make them work better, as well as look better.

I like reading about blogging and nutting out whether the blogging advice applies to me and my blog, or whether it is for someone with a blog that actually has a niche.

I like pondering the social media world and how to use it for good rather than evil.

And I like talking about blogging… I really like talking about blogging.

All my friends, even my blogging friends, are getting sick of me blabbing on about it, so to save their sanity and my friendships, when the urge overcomes me I am going to talk blogging here.

I do also hope that some of my ramblings are helpful. I hope you find something useful here; be it some blogging advice, or a social media tip, some design help, or a free template, or maybe you just enjoy talking about blogging like me and want to join the conversation.

If you are wondering who I am…

I’m Kate… from the internet.


I’m a mum to four kids, married to a shift worker, and living in rural Australia.

I’m scared of snakes, I love cheap Turkish delight, and I’ve been blogging over at picklebums.com for more than ten years (that makes me a geriatric blogger).

In my previous life (before kids) I was a preschool teacher and parent educator, now I blog, I write, I do some social media management, and a bit of blog design.

If you like talking about blogging as much as I do, jump right in and join the conversation!

You can send me an email – kate@picklebums.com
Or pop over to my facebook page and say hi.
Or just leave a comment below :)

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