Photo Resources for Bloggers

Photo resources for bloggers

I always think it is best to take your own photos when you can, that way the images you are using are unique to your blog and you can use and manipulate them however you like without worrying about credit or copyright. But sometimes it’s not possible to take your own photos and we all know that having a great photo as part of your blog post helps make our content more shareable… so what do you do?

Luckily there are lots of great sources for free photos online!

Photo resources for bloggers

Here are a few that I like and use.

Pixabay – copyright-free, cost-free images published under Creative Commons.
Wikimedia Commons – a huge database of freely usable media files
Compfight – a Flickr image search engine where you can search for creative commons images.
Takorama – cool retro images

Always double check the copyright information of each image before you use them and make sure you give credit in the appropriate manner when required.

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