Increase The Size of Your Content Font!

If you want people to visit your blog and actually read what you have posted, you need to make that as easy as possible. If your blog is hard to read, users won’t hang around long.

One simple way to make your blog more readable is to increase the size of your content font.

Increase the size of your content font and make your blog more readable

It has been said that a font size of 14 point on screen is the same as a standard 12 point on paper. And just like on paper, larger fonts are easier to read.

If your content font is smaller than 14 point then you are making it harder for people to read your words and when it is a struggle to read your content, people are less likely to hang around and read more, and they are less likely to comment, or share your content.

Increasing your font size to 14-16 point may look odd at first but after a while you won’t even notice it. Take a look at these popular blogs, do you notice that their content font size was between 14 and 17pt?

The Organised Housewife.
The Art of Simple

So how do you increase your font size? Well that depends on your blogging platform and your theme.

For Self Hosted WordPress…

To increase your font size look in your theme’s custom menus. Many wordpress themes will have a simple menu option to change the size of your content font. If not it will take some editing of your css file.

Don’t freak out, it is not as scary as it sounds. Try googling the name of your theme and ‘css for increasing content font size’ and you may find a customised tutorial. If you use a premium theme post in the forums and ask for help. Or if editing css is not your thing, contact me and I can make a quick edit to your custom css file for a small fee.

For Blogger blogs…

Log in to your dashboard and go to the design area. Click on ‘custom’ to open the custom design window. Go to ‘advanced’, click on ‘page text’ and use the drop down window at the bottom to nominate the size of your font. Don’t forget to hit ‘apply to blog’ in the top right hand corner before you leave!

Increasing your blog size is the first step towards making your blog more reader friendly, because content may be king, but readable content is queen!

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